Reconstructive Surgery Procedures

Most reconstructive procedures are covered by major medical insurance companies. Some patients choose to cover the costs of such procedures independently. For those patients, on request, I can provide a total and accurate quote within 24 hours.


Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

The decision to undergo a cosmetic surgical procedure is a major one, not least due to the costs involved. To make this process straightforward, I provide a complete price list for cosmetic procedures. Other than a one-off initial consultation fee of €180, this price includes everything:

•    surgical professional fees

•    anaesthetic professional fees

•    all hospital facility fees

•    overnight hospital stay if indicated

•    all pathology fees including pre-surgical investigations and blood tests

•    all related follow up visits

•    surgical dressings 

•    specialist post-surgical garments where indicated (from

•    government tax (VAT at 13.5%)

(Where surgical implants are used their cost is not included).


Cosmetic Surgery Price List

(all prices in €)