• Cutting edge service: Having honed my craft from some of world’s most innovative surgeons at home in Ireland, in the UK and USA, I deliver efficient, world-class service in a sophisticated, discreet and confidential manner. Extensive and rigorous training enable me to formulate a tailored plan specific to each patient.
  • Approachability: I engage easily in dialogue with my patients and approach every consultation with an open mind. I strive to think laterally about the issue at hand - the best answer is often not the most obvious.
  • Communication: Each patient brings a unique set of challenges, priorities and expectations so clear, compassionate communication is key to every interaction. Listening very carefully is a must and I maintain this level of 2-way communication throughout the surgical experience and follow up.
  • Dedication to science: a solid scientific foundation is an important part of my practice. I have presented at national and international surgical conferences and have published in several international scientific journals. I attend international conferences and courses regularly, to ensure that I remain up to date on current techniques and breakthroughs. 
  • “Keep it simple”: I strive to deliver the simplest yet most effective possible solution to cosmetic or reconstructive dilemmas. Operating theatres are some of the most complex environments to work in. Simplification of the surgical process and approach can increase precision and help deliver more reliable and consistent outcomes. See: Occam’s razor