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SkinCeuticals – advanced skin care, backed by science

I stock these cosmetics products-with-a-difference. SkinCeuticals can help to deliver a clinically consistent improvement in skin quality and tone and can assist in making the ageing process a more graceful and less traumatic experience. 

In a personalised consultation I can advise on the following key components of professional skin care:

Cleanse – cutting edge ingredients to clean, exfoliate and tone the skin

Prevent – exposure to harmful environmental assaults

Correct – damage already done to especially sensitive areas such as the lips and eyes

Moisturise – nourish the skin to restore elasticity and quality

Protect – cosmetically elegant sunscreens for all skin types and lifestyles

The world we live in is full of nasty factors just queuing up to damage our skin - we must protect ourselves! SkinCeuticals have developed a market leading line of antioxidant formulations and skin protection measures with which I can tailor a daily regime specific to your skin type.

Non-surgical treatments such as filler injections and the use of Botox can help to delay the ageing process and freshen the appearance. SkinCeuticals products can dramatically augment the results from such treatments by improving skin texture, reducing hyperpigmentation, reducing pore size etc. I will provide free advice on the ideal regime for your skin type at your first botox or filler treatment session. 

•    Free SkinCeuticals consultation with first Botox/filler treatment

•    Achieve rested and youthful skin tone

•    Antioxidant protection from the harmful environment

•    High-end, scientifically crafted products 

•    Augment the beneficial effect of Botox and/or filler injections