It’s been a long road, but finally I am ready to help real people with real problems. I believe that I have an inherent skill and ability but great surgeons are not born – they are trained. So, I dedicated myself to my craft for 20 years of formal training in some of the world’s best hospitals and alongside some of the world’s brightest minds. 

I have a very useful mix of skills and abilities when it comes to helping people: I am good at listening to and understanding their concerns. At the same time, I have the technical skills and professional judgment that enable me to be as effective as I should be.

I provide a comprehensive suite of cosmetic and reconstructive options, both surgical and non-surgical in a relaxed and approachable fashion. I have a wide array of personal interests: With my wife I have travelled extensively and I love to prepare and eat great food. I love Arsenal Football Club and Irish Rugby, but at the same time I like to read Vogue! I have an excellent eye for the aesthetic and pride myself on having good style and taste. 

Since the arrival of my two beautiful daughters, I have thought a lot about the role of women in our society – what’s expected of them, how they are perceived and the inequalities they face. Human beings are so much more than their physical form, so I am not here to “make people pretty”, rather, I am here to build self-esteem and enhance quality of life in the people that I encounter every day.

I am both a cosmetic and a reconstructive plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeons specialise in restoring physical function and in normalising or improving the appearance of areas of the face and body that have been affected by injury, disease, congenital defect, the aging process and pregnancy. 

I am passionate about helping people to bring the reality of their appearance and/or physical function back in line with their ideal

Among my patients, I treat many different conditions. Here are a few examples:

Survivors of breast cancer: After breast cancer surgery, women often feel that their post-surgery body is not consistent with their body image – I can help by restoring more natural breasts and normalising body image for these brave women. 

The maturing face: I can help to delay or reverse the sagging eyelids and jowls, facial lines and wrinkles associated with this phase of life, keeping the appearance in line with a youthful attitude and outlook. 

Here are some other examples:

•    Post pregnancy (e.g. excess abdominal skin, loss of breast fullness)

•    Injury (e.g. work and sport related hand injuries, burn injuries)

•    Disease (e.g. skin cancer, oral cancer)

•    Congenital defect or deformity (e.g. prominent ears)